James Nichols

James has been a Chartered Accountant for significant number of years, and spent the majority of his career in Finance and Management Consultancy, working across many industries, including financial services, accountancy practice,  the food industry, customer services, and utilities.

James has had senior leadership roles in some of the UK’s leading companies such as Lloyds bank and Thames Water, as well as working for global companies such as Compass PLC and Teleperformance PLC. Most recently James has moved into the health and social care industry, and now runs a successful care business, providing health and social care support to people with complex medical conditions, and is also the CEO of the National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS), working with MPs and the Healthcare Regulators to drive positive change in health and social care.

James has been a CLPT Director for 2 years, and is phenomenally proud of the great work the Trust does. James believes education is a privilege that everyone should enjoy, it has the power to open the door to opportunities throughout your life, and have a positive impact on your health, wealth and livelihood. James’ broad career experiences mean that he is well placed to help drive the strategic agenda of CLPT to deliver on the vision of changing lives for the better.